We are a collective of local artists & crafters, working together to provide a place to showcase our work in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Space in store is non-commission based, which means as members, we volunteer our time and energy toward the success of the store... instead of renting a wall or display case. This means the creative pieces you find in store and online are available at an affordable rate. 
Many of us donate a portion or all of our proceeds to non-profits in and around the Wixom Community. So when you purchase from The Purple Door Store, it really makes our day!
Spotlight Artists

Painted items & illustrator Denise Crews

We carry the Rustic Maka Line!

Creative Cards by Janice Dawson

Click on the Fairy~Door to visit the Artists' Corner blog!

Baby wear by Joyce North.

Cedar wood yard furniture  by Pastor Brad

Custom wood work by Mike Leneway

Custom Etching by Sara Young